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Monday, October 19, 2009

ø OCARINA - The Real Ones

Having posted about making ocarina with veges and fruits now to expect the real stuff which definitely sounds better than any veges. Having a long history of more than 12,000 years obviously it's some great instrument. Funny I have never heard about this amazing wind flute instrument before in my entire life until now. It is another important instrument used in Chinese and Mesoamerican cultures not forgetting both the Mayans and Aztecs had produced versions of the ocarina.

Let's get more technical and let's see what Wikipedia has to say:
How an ocarina works:

1.Air enters through the windway
2.Air strikes the labium, producing sound
3.Air vibrates throughout the inside of the ocarina
4.Covering and uncovering holes lowers and raises the pitch

The ocarina, unlike other vessel flutes, has the unusual quality of not relying on the pipe length to produce a particular tone. Instead the tone is dependent on the ratio of the total surface area of opened holes to the total cubic volume enclosed by the instrument. This means that, unlike a flute or recorder, sound is created by resonance of the entire cavity and the placement of the holes on an ocarina is largely irrelevant — their size is the most important factor. Instruments that have toneholes close to the voicing/embouchure should be avoided, however, because this weakens tonal production since an ocarina is a Helmholtz resonator.

7 muzika comments:

David D. Stanton said...

make sure to check out www.theocarinanetwork.com for more Ocarina info and a very active community.


foongpc said...

Interesting! I think I saw something like an egg shaped object with lots of holes on it during my trip in Guilin, China. It could produce sound just like the ocarina! Should have bought it and then I could start practising and play a song! : )

CheaHS@n said...

Dave - thanks for dropping by and the tips on more Ocarina info.

foongpc - think they may have it in other parts of China so can buy em in your next trip. :p

David D. Stanton said...

No problem CheaHS@n There is a TON of resources for anyone who may want to get into Ocarina's Personally I avoid STL when I can but still buy from them if they have an Ocarina I really like.

Foongpc: The Egg shaped thing is called a Xun, they have them from time to time on E-Bay, mater of fact i just bought one myself.


CheaHS@n said...

Dave ~ Great! Here's the link 4u foongpc to check this out on the Xun.

Che-Cheh said...

I've never heard or seen an ocarina before. Now I know. :)

CheaHS@n said...

Hi Che-Cheh thanks dropping by, me too learn quite a few "weird" musical instruments existed.