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Friday, October 16, 2009

ø The BIG Bibik & The Little Nyonyas - Episode 5

It took me quite awhile to decide participating in this 'wok-ing' contest. Wonder it smells fishy for a muzika blog to blend into foodie as it could be an utterly  'mis-steak'. However a peek into the webisodes altered my decision. Will let the foodie experts 'wok' the talk while I'll talk no wok. Furthermore it would be a big surprise to know that veges can make music besides being good as 'microphone' by Vanessa and Meng Meng in episode 6. Let there be music and you shall have music from 'A'spragus to 'Z'ucchini. I shall post about the veges music soon.

Very glad to have the opportunity and the generosity of  foongpc to come out with this contest who is a crafty blogger himself, always keeping the viewers in suspense with his abrupt 'ending' so as to keep them hungry and craving for more. Must jointly thank foongpc and also QuaChee for sharing this series of webisodes on cooking made easy by BIG Bibik  with the recommended recipes for cooking enthusiasts.  As the saying goes 'the way to a person's heart is to 'wok' by the stomach'. Check this out and you would be amased how simple it would be to cook 'Sambal Bendeh' (Orkra Salad), commendable excellent acting by BIG Bibik and also the three little gorgeous and playful nyonyas for spicing up the webisodes. Eminently good storyline with a couple of hilarious 'whacking' and 'bashing' for mistakes committed by the ignorant little nyonyas.  Whoa! I love the sound effects and graphics which added more sugar and spice into the peranakan cooking especially the part where the whole house was shaking with the throbbing sound of a sledge-hammer to amplify the pounding of chillis and belacan. Sugar is a must in nyonya cooking and guess you may agree with me BIG Bibik's 'little' bit of sugar weighs almost a 'kilogram' [chuckle]. No wonder the Nyonyas are so sweet and lovely. Kudos and congratulations to the whole webisodes team.

Would be looking forward for more new arrival of the webisodes and if you are interested to catch up on the whole series and the recipes click on bookmarQC .

Check this out in my next post on making music from vegetables A-Z.

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foongpc said...

So you blogged about this! Funny post! OK, will include you in the lucky draw. Good luck! : )

CheaHS@n said...

foongpc ~ kamsia